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You’ve written your book. Now it’s ready to shine. I offer different levels of service so your book gets the attention it needs. I specialize in the following genres: Romance, Mystery, Thriller, and Memoir, as well as Non-fiction—books, websites, and blogs.


Proofreading: I’m a careful, detailed proofreader. I proofread for typos, punctuation, grammar errors, and also inconsistencies in font or style. I’ll offer suggestions on visual appeal and let you know when anything is confusing for me as a new reader of your book. This service is for books that on average need two corrections per page.


Copy editing: I will maintain your voice and writing style, while editing for clarity and correct grammar. I’ll offer suggestions on visual appeal and let you know when anything is confusing for me as a new reader of your book. I understand novels have a large range of style, and I will make sure the text is clear and consistent, but not strip it of its unique flavor and spirit. You’ll be able to see my suggested edits along with your original text and accept or reject each edit individually. 


In-depth editing: If your book requires extensive edits, sentence rewriting, or significant style changes, I’ll give you an individualized quote based on the amount of work needed. 


Developmental editing: Does your book need a deeper level review? I can give you detailed and flexible review and input on your manuscript. My edit will include feedback about main characters, supporting cast, primary and secondary narratives, pacing, setting, world-building, and overall consistency. I can provide margin notes, edit summaries, or consultations. 


My affordable rates in US dollars:

Proofreading: $0.009 per word

Copy editing: $0.018 per word

In-depth editing: $0.018–$0.022—price quote given after reviewing a sample of the manuscript

Developmental editing: $0.025–$0.035–price quote given after reviewing a sample of manuscript and planning project with author


(For example, proofreading 10,000 words = $90; copy editing 10,000 words = $180)


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Dana Lee

Lee Clarity Consulting


I feel lucky to have found Lee Clarity Consulting, and I’ve had Dana work on all of my books to help make them shine. Dana is consistently professional, conscientious, and reliable. Dana also offers incomparably fast turnaround. Whether I need a first pass on editing a manuscript or a quick proofread of a blurb, I know I can count on Dana to polish my work and make it ready for publication.
—Ann Omasta, USA Today Bestselling Author

I wanted to get high-quality editing for my manuscript, so I sent out an editing test to several editors. Dana achieved a very high score and after that, I decided to work with her. I can honestly say that I am very pleased with the results. She is meticulous, observant, and goes the extra mile to ensure the text looks great. I totally recommend her!
—Saleh Vallendar, author of The Nine Barries to the Heart